Levetiracetam (Zoutelev)

Zoutelev - Levetiracetam (250mg/500mg tablets)

ZOUTELEV – Levetiracetam (250mg/500mg tablets)

Levetiracetam is a medication used to treat epilepsy. It is used for partial onset, myoclonic, or tonic-clonic seizures.


  • Second generation anti-epileptic drug1, 2
  • Effective as initial monotherapy for different types of seizures 2
  • A viable and practical option in the second-line management of Status epilepticus1
  • Has a favorable pharmacokinetic and side effect profile1
  • One of the most effective anti-epileptic drug in refractory partial seizures 3
  • Effective as an adjunctive therapy in reducing seizure frequency 2, 4
  • One of the most frequently prescribed drugs for partial seizures4
  • Convenient twice daily dosing and does not require serum drug monitoring 4


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  • Time to treatment withdrawal was longer with LEV than with Standard Anti-epileptic drug (AEDs)1
  • Levitiracetam is a suitable option as initial monotherapy for individuals with newly diagnosed epilepsy.1


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Comparison of Treatment Withdrawal Rate between Levetiracetam and AEDs

Seizure Freedom Rate between Levetiracetam and standard Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AEDs)